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CNI Distribution was created to be a service to you, the Christian Retailing community, so we welcome you and are pleased to support you in your business and ministry. Every retailer is important and unique to CNI, therefore, we have specifically assigned a full-time Account Executive to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly as needed. While we stand ready to gladly handle any order you might have, each company distributed by CNI maintains its own sales force which will personally visit or contact you, introducing their specific catalog of quality Christian products.

As a matter of explanation, CNI is not a sales organization; it is a network of distribution and fulfillment services (i.e. shipping, billing, collecting, returns processing, etc.) for a diverse group of Christian publishers, ministries and production companies. It is CNI's philosophy that sales and marketing are best left to the individual companies that are directly connected with the product's development. That is why we designed a service to deliver to you excellence in distribution as well as sales and product knowledge from the product source.

Through state-of-the-art computer networking, CNI is able to link retailers and multiple sales organizations online directly to our order entry and inventory systems. This gives you, the retailer, greater information and faster service then ever before possible. Orders can literally be placed almost anywhere, anytime, directly online and be shipped the same day. Meeting your customer demand with speed and accuracy is our mutual priority, and we commit to staying on top of technological advances as they become available in order to do so.

For specific product information or to order products from each company, simply contact each company directly using their toll-free order lines or website. To establish a retailer account with CNI or to place a multiple company order please call our Account Executives directly at 615-641-5550 or email us at customerservice@cnidist.com. To become one of our EDI Trading Partners, click here for more information.

Thank you for your interest and support of CNI Distribution. For more information concerning our services, please call CNI at 615-641-5550.