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CNI Distribution began in 1990 under the leadership of Christian industry veterans Ed Clydesdale, Ronnie Smith and Ron Coker to provide assistance to independent Christian production companies and ministries in securing National distribution to the retail, church and consumer-direct markets. By consolidating the services, systems and collection efforts of each company, CNI has amassed a network of sales, marketing and distribution that remains unparalleled in contemporary Christian retailing.

With initial total sales of just over $500,000 in 1991, CNI anticipates one of its largest years to date supporting annual Publisher retail sales exceeding $100,000,000. Having gained the respect of the national publishing community as well as the rapidly expanding international industry, CNI remains positioned and poised for dramatic growth. The company has averaged double-digit growth each year since its inception while continuing to remain profitable and debt-free. This strong financial management has allowed the company to continue to develop state-of-the-art technology services and many proprietary systems that provide for the company's consistent growth.

CNI's innovative "Pick-to-Light-and-Voice" responsive systemOver the last several years CNI has worked diligently to develop its service quality and reputation, as well as the first and second phases of its own 100,000+ square foot office/warehouse complex located on 14 acres in Nashville, Tennessee. This centralized location serves their client base extremely well because it provides the ability to ship orders to over 70% of the USA population (located within 750 miles) within a standard 1-2 day shipping time. This facility, coupled with innovative leadership and financial strength, has allowed CNI to develop highly accurate paperless order picking systems, fully automated conveyor and bar-code scanning systems, as well as its own "Pick-to-Light-and-Voice" responsive system. This proprietary innovation allows the operator to pull product orders rapidly through interactive computer voice communication that CNI developed completely in-house. This cutting-edge technology has increased efficiency and productivity by nearly 400% in just a few years. CNI has also created the hardware and software network to provide each client with online information via the Internet or EDI access.

CNI's latest addition, a 50,000 sq ft high-bay storage centerPlans for the immediate future include the migration of their latest company acquisitions, as well as on-going negotiations with several quality Christian publishers throughout the USA. This coming year will also see the integration of several direct-to-consumer pick modules specially designed to serve Publishers, Retailers and Churches. CNI has also recently completed the construction of phase three of their master building plan which features a 50,000 square foot high-bay storage center. With these expansions and their latest technological innovations, CNI will provide some of the most accurate inventory tracking and fastest order processing capabilities in the market - once again securing CNI's continued growth well into the next decade.

CNI's "state-of-the-art" Distribution CenterDespite the continuing winds of change surrounding much of the Retail and E-Commerce industries, CNI remains a focused and financially strong company that is committed to excellence in the contract distribution of Christian products. CNI's intended purpose is to offer precise and cutting-edge service and technology that always meets or exceeds expectations. CNI is also proud to have been the recipient of several business awards during the past several years, including...induction into the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce "Future 50" Hall of Fame, and the "Small Business of the Year" award from the Nashville Business Journal. These awards are more than recognition to CNI; they are a re-affirmation of its desire for excellence in service. The same excellence they provided in the past CNI continues to strive to accomplish in the future, treating all distributed companies as if they were its own.

Currently servicing over 10,000 individual products and a variety of companies under exclusive contract, CNI has become one of the largest independent distributors in, what the New York Times has labeled"...one of the fastest growing industries in the Nation...Contemporary Christian Retailing."

For more information, call 615-641-5550 or email to comments@cnidist.com.