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Discovery House Publishers to Sell Directly to Accounts, Fulfill Through CNI Distribution

Grand Rapids, Michigan—Effective December 1, 2011, Discovery House Publishers will enter a new phase in working with retail partners. Sales will be brought in-house and the new Discovery House sales team will work directly with accounts (www.discoveryhousetrade.org). Distribution—managed previously by Barbour Publishing—will now be through CNI Distribution.

Discovery House PublishersDiscovery House began in 1988 as a not-for-profit organization and holds the exclusive rights to the works of Oswald Chambers and several compilations of Our Daily Bread. In addition to these perennial bestsellers, they also publish a full line of other devotional titles, biblical exposition, Christian living and inspirational books, and video and print Bible study curriculum, as well as numerous music releases, DVDs, stationery, calendars, and computer software products. Their publishing philosophy is to choose materials that “feed the soul with the Word of God,” written by authors who respect and value biblical truth and know how to apply the life-changing wisdom of the Bible to today’s issues.

Discovery House is affiliated with RBC Ministries, a nearly seventy-five-year-old ministry whose best-known publication is a devotional called Our Daily Bread. This booklet, published in 1956, reaches millions of people around the world in more than forty languages each year. RBC also produces the award-winning television program Day of Discovery, several radio programs, and many print publications.

Discovery House is the winner of the Golden Scroll’s 2011 Publisher of the Year Award from the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association.

Contact: Katy R. Pent—kpent@dhp.org, 616-974-2584, @discoveryhouse

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