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June 1, 2011

CNI Celebrates 20-year Anniversary of Service to Christian Retail and Church Community

NASHVILLE, TN—Ed Clydesdale CEO and Founder of CNI Distribution (Christian Network International) recently announced the Company’s 20 year anniversary in 2011 as an honor and tribute to God’s never-ending faithfulness. As the employees gathered to celebrate over 2 decades of service dedicated to the Great Commission they were reminded that their work, no matter how small or insignificant it may appear on the surface…honored the Lord every day and allowed millions of people all over the world to experience the life-changing good news of the Gospel.

Starting with an idea, a briefcase, and a desire to follow the leading of the Lord, CNI Distribution was started by Ed Clydesdale in the back of a good friend’s office in the early months of 1991. With no salary and only the help of three good friends (all of whom became employees and are still on staff today), CNI began a journey that only God could have orchestrated.

With first year total sales just over $300,000 in 1991, CNI has now celebrated its’ 20th year of operation with millions of units shipped annually and Publisher distribution and fulfillment volume expected to exceed $70,000,000 this year in retail sales.

To God be the Glory for the great things he has done.

Our mission is to help carry the Word of God whether in print, video, music, gift, apparel or any other form to the world so that people can experience the life-changing good news of the Gospel. CNI’s goal is to fulfill the great commission daily by delivering the Christian message around the globe.

Ed Clydesdale, President and CEO of CNI stated, “We believe we have been set apart to be a help and service to powerful ministry and faith-based companies. To be able to serve the Retail, Church and Consumer markets and supply materials with eternal value to people all over the world every year…is exactly what we have been called to do”.

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